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"reach out" - Fall Festival of New Plays

By John DeSotelle Studio Series (other events)

2 Dates Through Sep 22, 2019

"reach out"
Studio Series Fall Festival of New Works brings awareness to mental health issues.

Two Performances Only!

Please join us September 21 and 22 for performances of four new short plays depicting various topics centered around mental illnesses, their victims and the caregivers who support them.

Visible Cosmic Entities”  by Corey Pajka
A tragic accident involving best friends, Carl and Isaac, sets off a series of repercussions impacting Carl’s personality and mental state as he tries to cope with a traumatic loss and the guilt of being left behind.

     Director:  Nicholas Ferrara
     Featuring:  Jack Becker, Tim Boardman, Grace McGookey

“Hit Men” by Michael Tooher
Told only through monologues, “Hit Men” delves into the world of depression and its tragic end revealing the effect of this illness on the survivors. Attempting to make sense of what happened, we hear from a wife, a son and a daughter as they try to come to terms with the loss of a husband and father to suicide.

     Director:  Sydney Wilson
     Featuring: Paige Anderson, Elisa Hafling, Andrew Mount

“Familiar” by Robert LeBlanc
A bittersweet conversation between an older and younger man. Through the tragedy of dementia, a son realizes the importance and beauty of memories and finds a way to communicate with his father who no longer recognizes him as his son.

     Director:  Albert Baker
     Featuring:  John Rearick, William Shuman

“Adrift” by Michael Eden
A poignant story about a teenage girl’s suicide and the anguish of a parent’s struggle to reach out and help.  Through the mother’s recalling of the last few days leading up to the fateful event, she realizes that there was more going on then what she could visibly see. Eventually understanding and accepting her daughter’s struggle with depression, anxiety and trauma, she is able to finally see her daughter, make peace with her and move forward with her life.

     Director:  Judith Feingold
     Featuring:  Emily DeSotelle, Cornela Groeger


This FESTIVAL is part of the John DeSotelle Studio Production and Festivals Series:  its objective -  to provide opportunities for Studio alumni, recent graduates and current students in training, together with other young actors, artists, designers, playwrights and directors to practice their individual’s crafts, develop their skills and experience while artistically exploring new and existing works in a creative and supportive environment under the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

Through the vision and the volunteer spirit and generosity of these resourceful and inspired artists comes a fresh, exciting, and imaginative theatrical experience and artistic expression that you won't want to miss!

John DeSotelle Studio Series

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